Hydro blasting is the application of high pressure water jet technology in the removal of dirt and residue from industrial and other surfaces. Generating pressure of 1000b and higher, this technology removes all dirt and surfaces coating in a clean and safe manner. This water based cleaning system utilises hydro blasting with no abrasives for the removal of material deposites from various surfaces. HP - High Pressure machines are designed to handle industrial areas from office blocks to minning sites, these pressure machines and smaal nozzel openings result in an excellent cleaning result. Cleaning is achieved easily even for what are normally the most inacceesible of areas and surfaces. Where small or large surfaces needed to be cleaned regularly, these machines are the answer to your dirt disaster.

The application of high pressure water provides realistic alternatives to . . .

  • Replace Components
  • Abrasive Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning

The Hydro Blasting and can also be applied in the following ways . . .

Hp Cleaning Of Furnaces

Hp Ceaning Of Crane Gantries

Hp Cleaning Of Syrup Tanks

Hp Cleaning Of Pipelines

Hp Cleaning Of Pressure Systems

Hp Cleaning Of Pre Heaters

Hp Cleaning Of Coolers

Hp Cleaning Of Crystalizer Plant

Hp Cleaning Of Ball Mill

Hp Cleaning Of Condensors

Hp Cleaning Of Heat Exchangers

Hp Cleaning Of Boilers

Hp Cleaning Of Pressure Vessels

Hp Cleaning Of Scrubber Fan

Hp Cleaning Of Cement Plant

Hp Cleaning Of Chemical Plant

Hp Cleaning Of Minning Industry

Hp Cleaning Of Construction Companies

Hp Cleaning Of Highway Contractors

Hp Cleaning Of Power Plant

Hp Cleaning Of Oil Industry

Cutting Of Electrodes